Psychic Body Work may be used for  physical and mental illnesses, as well as relationship, financial or other life, challenges, through personal ‘readings’. These are performed by examination of the human aura, which can be sensed and interacted with by practitioners trained in meditation. Such subtle fields of ‘Energy’, referred to in many healing traditions, are believed to exist within and beyond the body, and express the condition of its tissues, as well as the emotional state and mood of a patient, in vibrational form. To a therapist sensitive enough, each individual can be perceived as broadcasting unique frequencies which reveal information about their character and physical status. It is these which are analysed during Readings, enabling much to be divined about past traumas, stresses or other influences which contribute to illness. Once they are identified, clients can be helped to recognise and address them, both through receiving bodywork and also learning relaxation techniques they can use to facilitate their own healing.

With a clear emphasis on emotional well-being, Health Readings are an excellent opportunity to explore the holistic nature of issues, and how one’s attitudes are affecting their health or life situation. Results can be highly significant, with reported benefits in many diseases, following sessions.

Our therapist: James Gee