Kinesiologist & Nutritional Therapist

Allison is dedicated to prevention as well as to alleviating conditions. She works well with deep issues, identifying imbalances in the body by monitoring your ability to hold your muscles against light pressure "muscle testing". She checks for the possible causes be they structural, biochemical (e.g. nutritional deficiencies, intolerances), emotional or energetic (e.g. dehydration). For example if you have bloating, wind or digestion issues and you've changed your diet but are still having symptoms, there could be an underlying issue e.g. a yeast infection or bacteria, that diet alone is not addressing. Allison will then advise whether supplements are advisable and she may massage lymphatic points and/or make structural corrections.
You may want to keep a food diary for a few days so Allison can see what you are eating currently and how this may be affecting your health. She will then give advice and tips on how to improve your diet, ideas of new foods to try and ways of cooking, devising an eating plan that you can use to start changing any patterns that may not be helping your health. Allison has helped people as young as 2 months old and as mature as 89. Nutrition and Kinesiology are all about balance, making sure that one of your organs isn't working overtime to compensate for another that is under par. Therefore, she tends to combine both kinesiology and nutritional therapy because the two are intrinsically linked. What suits one person will not suit another, so the approach is completely based on you as an individual. Allison has helped people as young as 2 months and as mature as 89 years.

Allison's Qualifications

♦ First Aid Certificate – 2018

♦ Award in Education and Training certificate – 2015

♦ MSc Nutritional Therapy (University of Worcester) – 2011

♦ Diploma from The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) – 2001

♦ Trustee & Member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology

♦ BA (Hons) Business Studies (University of Greenwich)

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"I took my 6 year old daughter to see Allison today for kinesiology. A lovely , easy to find, tranquil place. Allison was so kind and caring with my daughter."

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