James has studied healing since 2004, and first became involved in the work due to suffering serious health problems of his own. Originally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. in the aftermath of a debilitating viral infection, he endured many years of bad luck which included an incident of food poisoning, from which he failed to recover fully. This led to many years of severe digestive problems. His illnesses can only be fully described in a long history he is happy to recount to clients and interested parties, but they led to him becoming largely housebound for five years, desperately thin and living in chronic pain.

James nevertheless retained a belief in the body's ability to heal, and persevered in his attempts at recovery, continuing the project he had first begun when living with chronic fatigue - he studied natural healing methods under various teachers and formulated a regular meditation practice. As this progressed, he made an astounding discovery - the conditions he was living with were in fact the effects of traumas he had suffered earlier in life, which his body had stored and begun to express as physical symptoms! James developed methods for healing these, and was profoundly relieved to find his health rapidly improving. It was then blissful to experience the body returning to proper function, and to witness the speed at which it healed itself, once liberated from the stresses which had burdened it.

So it was that he achieved full recovery from conditions generally thought to be 'incurable'. Qualified as a healer by the summer of 2016, he set up a practice in London and Herefordshire shortly afterwards, and joined the Malvern Centre for Well-Being in early 2019.

James has found success in working with a very wide range of physical and mental complaints, and has really never met a patient who he has not helped significantly. James makes all efforts to help clients achieve the highest possible results, and always pursues every angle - the intention in his courses of healing is to help those he works with, to tap into the same phenomenal 'body-intelligence' he connected with during his own trials, because he believes it can work miracles.

James's Qualifications

♦ Certified as a Spiritual Healer by the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute in Florida, USA.
♦ Certified as a Personal Trainer with the YMCA, since 2005.
♦ Other, informal studies include:
       ◊ Three years of Qigong and Tai Chi with Cheyne Towers, founder of Heart-Mind therapies in London.
       ◊ Six months training in Chinese medical massage.
       ◊ Workshops in Taoist and Buddhist meditation.
       ◊ Two weeks as a full-time patient of Isaac Garuda, a Doctor of Psychology based in Northern Thailand. This enabled many insights into the effects of breath-work on body                 and mind, and the supreme importance of emotional healing.
      ◊ A three-month apprenticeship under David Huxtable, an Acupuncturist based in Northern Thailand.
      ◊ Six months with the renowned Irish Bio-Energy Healers Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin.
      ◊ Short courses in Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
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