Reflexology is a holistic healing therapy dating back 5,000 years, practised by the Chinese, Indians and Egyptians. Reflexology was used to stimulate the body’s healing process in order to treat health problems. Its origins are in acupuncture.
Reflexology was re-discovered in the 1900’s in the USA, by Dr William Fitzgerald, who practised zone therapy, based on the principle that 10 equal vertical lines divided the body into energy zones. He discovered that exerting pressure on reflex points on the feet or hand could treat various parts of the body within the corresponding zone area.
Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist further developed this concept and perfected the modern day reflexology as we know it. One of her students, Doreen Bayly, introduced Reflexology to the UK in the 1960’s.
Research has shown positive results in its efficacy for many disorders such as neck/back problems, pain management, pain, migraine/headaches, hormonal, blood pressure, neurological disorders, musculo-skeletal aches and pains, digestive problems, joint problems, stress, maternity, fertility, menopause, etc.
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Our Therapist:   Dee Jones