Osteopathy is a method of finding, treating and preventing health problems by using movement, stretch and massage therapies to a person’s muscles and joints.
Osteopathy believes that the wellbeing of an individual is reliant on the harmonious function between bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. Basing treatment on the principle that treatment should aid in the body healing itself, multiple drug and surgery free methods are used instead.
People consult their osteopath to relieve pain or return to their normal daily activities after injury, and osteopathy can be a very effective treatment to help you to rehabilitate in this kind of event, but osteopathy can also help contribute to your health in many other ways.
To find out more about osteopathy, please go to www.osteopathy.org
Our therapist:  We are looking for an osteopath to join our team.  Please contact us on info@centreforwellbeing.co.uk, if you are interested