MUHET is a very gentle Hands-On-Therapy incorporating Energy Transference and gentle physical manipulation. During the gentle physical manipulation energy passes through the hands of the Practitioner into the Recipient releasing physical and emotional blockages. This form of hands-on-healing is not based on a religion or faith. It can be experienced by anyone who is willing to receive it.

How does MUHET Healing work?

Life Force energy is channelled through the Practitioner and into the Recipient. This energy is controlled by the practitioner who knows what and where it is needed. The energy works on the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, unlike many other forms of healing the energy is controlled and directed by the Practitioner. The energy goes to the deepest levels of a person’s being from where many illnesses originate, a treatment can have a very profound effect on the Recipient.

MUHET Practitioners study Anatomy, Physiology, pathology, massage and various techniques of low velocity low impact gentle physical manipulation. The practitioner is opened up to the Life Force Consciousness Energy. The practitioner is attuned to the Life Force, this allows the Practitioner to visualise a Patient’s condition and direct the healing energy. There is a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct associated with the responsibility of providing MUHET healing to others.

During a MUHET Treatment a pleasant feeling of warmth and tingling may occur along with the sensation of deep relaxation; in many cases the Recipient will fall asleep.

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