Mindfulness, a combination of Western science and Buddhist practice, is about being in the present, in the here and now, experiencing the moment as it is without judgment and being better able to respond to circumstances rather than react.
Through practicing mindfulness exercises on a regular basis we are able to challenge habit based thinking and develop alternative ways of thinking and responding. This results in benefits in our mental, physical and emotional well-being.
Mindfulness Based Health Interventions can be helpful for a variety of health problems including:-
    • ♦  Stress reduction
    • ♦  Relapse prevention for depression
    • ♦  Regulating Blood Pressure
    • ♦  Aiding sleep
    • ♦  Management of pain
    • ♦  Improving concentration
For more information about Mindfulness go to www.nhs.uk
Our Therapists: Will Thomas and Jean Nash