Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of alternative medicine with 200 years of clinical evidence. A homeopath uses homeopathic remedies, flower essences, emotional and spiritual support, and gives nutritional advice, tests for food intolerances, deficiencies and sensitivities to toxicity. Homeopathy resolves the underlying causes of problems and stimulates the body to heal itself
A healthy body is in balance unless it is disturbed in some way, for example by poor diet, injury, trauma, shock, toxicity, mental disturbance or emotional upset. We also have hereditary predispositions to certain conditions. Homeopathy tackles these underlying causes using remedies which:
♦ Are side-effect free
♦ Can be used alongside conventional medicines
♦ Are safe for all ages
To find out more about homeopathy, please go to www.the-hma.org/about
Our Homeopath: We are looking for a homeopath.  If you are interested please contact us on 01684 574888 or info@centreforwellbeing.co.uk