The Bowen technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy, named after its innovator, Tom Bowen. The technique involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia in various parts of the body. The work that a Bowen therapist performs is very subtle, relaxing and gentle, involving no hard or prolonged pressure. During a session, the client will lie on a therapy table (although the work can be effectively carried out with the client in a chair for pregnancy or comfort). The treatment is essentially holistic, working on the whole body and helping it to maintain the natural state of homeostasis.
Bowen is a non-invasive and very relaxing experience. Each session will vary according to the ailments of the client. The feature of the work is that between sets of moves the therapist will leave the room and allow the client to rest. This is a key element of Bowen and is a defining aspect of the technique as well as being one of the most important. It allows the body to make changes to the work as the therapist works around the body. The moves aren't painful and so therefore defense isn't called for. The breaks give the nervous system a chance to establish the correct actions. It can help men women & children, from infant colic to arthritis. Helping re-balance, relieve tension and pain. Bowen treats the whole body and not specific symptoms. Common presentations include, back and neck pain, knee pain, throughout the duration of pregnancy, RSI, frozen shoulder, sports injury even stress management & whiplash to name but a few.
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Our Bowen Therapist: Lindsay Holder