In massage, the therapist uses strong, confident hand movements to expertly evaluate areas of tight muscle and joint tension and congestion, firmly opening and stretching these out again. Joints are remobilised and painful tendons and ligaments are released. You will also learn how to maintain this improvement at home.
Combined with a massage, some of our massage therapists use uniquely blended, fragrant, essential oils to deeply enhance the experience of the inner wisdom of your body and being. The oils are expertly chosen for your particular qualities and evoke a sense of returning to happier times and places, allowing real relaxation in a nurturing space.
Our massage therapists:
Fran Doidge (Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage)
Pamela Prentice (Therapeutic Massage)
Dee Jones (Ayurvedic, Pregnancy & Holistic Massage)
Teresa Anderson (Holistic Massage & Indian Head Massage)